Martins West

Martins West Pub gets its name from Martin Irons, owner of the original Martins restaurant in Edinburgh, Scotland. Irons was a childhood family friend of Beveridge who stood out among local restaurant owners due to his remarkable ability to create a dining experience that was always delicious, warm and memorable. Inspired by these infectious ideals, Martins West takes its inspiration from these infectious ideals.

Martins West serves approachable, farm-fresh pub fare inspired by authentic British dishes. Menu items change frequently depending on what’s in season. Selections such as a seasonal banger with mash, house-made charcuterie and peat-grilled lamb T-bone with Rancho Gordo yellow eye bean stew and herb-crusted haggis represent the hand-crafted, locally sourced approach Dotson takes to the modern British pub style of cuisine.

“Martins West will serve a new style cuisine that is both comforting and innovative,” said Dotson. “It will be impossible for me to cook this menu without using all the outstanding local ingredients I have at my fingertips as a chef living in Northern California.”

Adept at wearing many hospitality-related hats with ease, Beveridge’s inspiration for her dream restaurant Martins West began at an early age. Throughout her childhood, her family would spend summers on the North Scottish island of Arran, where they owned The Whiting Bay Hotel. When Beveridge was ten, her father’s business took the family from California to Killearn, a town outside Glasgow, which became the springboard for much cultural exploration throughout Europe. Beveridge brings the worldly appreciation for authenticity she cultivated throughout her youth and years in the food industry to Martins West.

Martins West inhabits the historic Alhambra building, which was a theater and saloon when it first opened in 1896.

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