Martin Irons

Martin Irons, owner of the original Martins restaurant in Edinburgh, Scotland, believes the best dining experiences place comfort above all else.

Inspired by Martin’s infectious ideals, Martins West combines farm-fresh fare and knowledgeable, friendly service in surroundings as convivial and inviting as a neighborhood saloon.

Our menu of approachable British pub fare shows off the best of our favorite local Northern California farms. Most of our ingredients, including oils and vinegars, come from less than 100 miles away.

We’ve made every attempt to respect the environment by outfitting Martins West interior with reclaimed furnishings, reusing our old menus as coasters and training our employees fully in best recycling practices.

Housed in the historic Alhambra building, Martins West combines the charm of a 110-year-old public house with modern sensibilities. Whether it’s a quick pint or a relaxing dinner, we make it our mission to take care of you from the moment you walk through our doors.

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