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With over 100 scotches, bourbons, ryes and other whiskies, it’s no surprise that Martins West can offer something to every palate in the house.  But what can be surprising is how accessible we make our whiskies through our knowledgeable staff and numerous tasting flights.

Let us host a whiskey tasting with food pairings for you and your friends!

We also feature a Distiller of the Month where you can dive deep into a particular whiskey maker and taste some of their rare selections.

Distiller of the Month: Woodinville Whiskey

About the distiller:

Woodinville is a small craft distillery located just out side of Seattle, Washington. Woodinville operates with an almost unheard of integrity in the craft american whiskey industry. Woodenville has never sourced whiskey, they opted to sell “age your own whiskey kits”. Their care and passion for making good whiskey carries into every facet of production. All of their grains are sourced from a single farm located a few hours east in Quincy, Washington. Their barrels are custom made out of extra seasoned wood. They actually use full size 53 gallon barrels, its safe to say that from grain to bottle woodinville is doing it the right way.

Featured whiskies: Bourbon, Rye, Port finished Bourbon 

Featured whiskey cocktails: The Crying King

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